Rinnai RFA-227G



Founded in 1920, Rinnai & Co. first manufactured and sold pressurized oil stoves. By the late 1920s it had already established itself as a trustworthy manufacturer of gas tabletop stoves, gas ovens, gas heaters, and gas hot-water units.


Digital one-touch • Auto control micomcircuit system • Easy oil draining through the bottom of fryer
• One touch digital type control
• Auto control stem
• Auto temperature control (50°C – 220°C)
• Safety device for over heating
• Front oil discharge function
• Timer setting function
• Fryer basket included
• Filter adopted for oil recycling

Enlarged Cool Zone prolongs oil usage
The cool zone structure ensures that the interior temperature is kept below 100°C, thus extending the lifecycle of the cooking oil and lowering maintenance costs.

Scraps and sediments gather at the bottom
Cleaning the inside of the unit can be done more easily by simply removing the sediments, which are collected at the bottom of the unit.

MICOM-controlled digital, one-touch temperature control
Setting the temperature from 50 to 220°C is easy, as you can control the smallest value starting at 1°C, giving the user precise control.


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